08 /14 2019
Have Languages Become Simpler?

I read an interesting question on the discussion forum. "Do you think English is changing due to technology or social media?" https://www.italki.com/discussion/210293
The poster says that the literary language has begun to resemble the spoken language more. and the same is true for Japanese linguistic culture especially since the popularity of comics(manga)exploded.

I don't disagree with this idea. Manga is a part of the cause, but I don't think it's the sole reason.

Japanese people have read manga for a long time, especially in the '60s and in '70s. The famous manga series, "Atom" and "Reo" (the original of Lion King), were published in the late '60s. Dragon ball was probably released in the beginning of the '80s. But people in the 60's, the '70s and '80s seemed to speak and write properly, fitting the language to specific places, time and occasions. Personally, I don't think manga has affected the Japanese languages that much. It surely has, but not that much.
I think the change of language started when "Windows 95" came to Japan. People read a lot of things that 'regular' people posted or messages by e-mail, not by professional writers.
In the 21 century, we can't live without smartphones and lots of people are hooked on social media, which is filled up with easier words.
This trend, "Easy language" is worrisome and controversial in Japan as well. I'm one of the people forgetting the sophisticated Japanese recently. It's a shame. I think to myself, I need to read books more. Besides, somehow, I occasionally feel like want to read beautiful Japanese books. How can I say this? It feels like I'm lacking vitamins or something.








Hanji ちずこママ

英語で何かするのが好き。人の考えを聞くのが好き。Talking with people all over the world is fun and you can learn something new from them, telling what you know to them as well. That's the reason I can't stop learning English.