Liquid From My Mouth. 口から液体が・・・

02 /01 2018
I became a friend with an Albanian person, online, who lives in Albania near Greece. He isn't a native English speaker. Neither am I. But I think we can communicate in English and it's good practice. We have to use only English the whole time. Other than practice, it's a lot of fun!
There is 8 hours time difference between us. When he texts me, I always cook dinner.


Last night, he asked me, "What are you cooking?" I recorded what I was cooking, explaining in English. And I sent the video to him. It's just a two minutes video. He watched it and text me, " liquid from my mouth・・・" I laughed and understood. I looked up the word on the net and sent it to him, "It's called drool" ”You're drooling" We got a new word.
English and the Internet are great tools to communicate with people from all over the world.

そして、インタネーットで「よだれ」を調べて、彼に、drool と教えてあげました。


「よだれがでそうな」 は、mouthwatering とも言います。これは覚えやすい!
That's a mouthwatering food.

You're drooling.

医療現場では、 drool の単語を使うみたいです。




英語で何かするのが好き。読む書く話す聞く見る。人の考えを聞くのが好き。Talking with people all over the world is fun and you can learn something new from them, telling what you know to them as well. That's the reason I can't stop learning English.